5th Annual Clinical Trials & Outsourcing Asia Congress

In keeping with Oxford Global’s highly successful like sciences series, an expert panel of 40 speakers will present a full conference programme covering the topics outlined below.

Day 1 – Clinical Development Activities & Clinical Research Outsourcing Strategies

  • Regional clinical development in Asia and Asia Pacific regions
  • Ensuring clinical safety: toxicity predictions, PK/PD modelling & translation modelling
  • Clinical development activities in oncology and other therapeutic areas
  • Selecting the correct Pharma – CRO partnership for maximum success
  • Clinical outsourcing strategies in Asia and Asia Pacific regions
  • Global vs local: clinical development, clinical trials & CRO selection
  • Imaging biomarkers: bridging preclinical and clinical research

Day 2 – Clinical Trials Management Strategies in Asia and Asia Pacific Regions

  • Implementing successful patient recruitment and retention strategies
  • Country and site selection for global clinical trials
  • Overcoming regulatory hurdles in Asia and Asia Pacific regions
  • Managing clinical trials in oncology and other therapeutic areas
  • Ensuring pharmacovigilance and patient safety in clinical trials in Asia
  • Clinical supply chain management to maximise efficiency
  • Implementing biomarkers in early phase clinical trials

Co-located 4th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress

Day 1 – Innovation Strategies to Advance R&D in Asia


  • R&D collaborations between East & West
  • Guaranteeing successful outsourcing partners
  • Successful business models in Pharma R&D
  • Multi-national pharma companies in emerging markets
  • Developing a global regulatory strategy

Day 2 – Drug Development Activities in Asia


  • Translational research strategies: discovery to development
  • Regulatory considerations for multiregional drug approval
  • Novel methods to accelerate drug development pipeline
  • Drug development in oncology and other therapeutic areas
  • Mergers & acquisitions to improve productivity