Sponsors 2015

  • BARC

    For over 27 years, BARC provides Pharma companies and Biotechs with central lab service in routine and specialized testing in clinical pathology, histocytopathology and genetics. BARC laboratories routinely have a medical clinical pathology activity, thus ensuring that the tests offered are also performed on a daily basis for diagnostic purposes, patients stratification, staging, therapeutic indication and follow-up. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, BARC’s experts are specialists in their medical field for delivering far beyond testing: at BARC, they act as genuine partners for our customers and are fully integrated in their R&D processes, thus providing a critical advantage in the more and more complex clinical trials involving specialized testing. BARC ‘s testing portfolio includes over 2.500 tests from routine to highly specialized companion tests. Proven technology transfer capabilities make BARC a partner of choice for demanding clinical trials involving the latest technologies or new substrates. Flexibility and commitment of our experienced and dedicated teams are the corner stones of BARC’s offer for providing its customers with seamless processes and high added value service. BARC is a part of Cerba European Lab (http://www.cerba-european-lab.com/) is a European leader in clinical pathology ranging from first intention to highly specialized tests including central laboratory facilities for clinical trials.